The role of organizational culture in the possibility of adopting green technical innovation: an exploratory study of the opinions of managers in the Diyala State Company for Electrical Industries


  • L. Muhammad Munib Mahmoud
  • L. Ghanem Mahmoud Ahmed
  • L. Bashar Izz Al-Din Al-Sammak


organizational culture, green technical innovation, green product innovation, green process innovation


The issue of organizational culture is seen as one of the topics of increasing interest by companies, especially companies that seek to deal with environmental issues and reduce pollution by contributing to the establishment of a common system of beliefs and values, which frame the behavior of individuals and thus find a distinct way to contribute to the adoption of topics and environmental issues. The aim of the research is to acquaint the managers in the company in question with the concept of organizational culture and its types, as well as the concept of green technical creativity and its types, and to identify the role of organizational culture in adopting green technical creativity in the company and is there a correlation and impact relationship between the organizational culture of its various types (performance culture, culture Response, control culture, relationship culture) and green technical creativity in the company under study. As for the research method, the research adopted the descriptive-analytical method, and data related to the company and the individuals surveyed were collected using a questionnaire. (40) forms were distributed to the company's managers, and the research relied on the statistical program (SPSS Ver. 26) in analyzing the data and using a set of statistical methods. The most important results of the research are the existence of a correlation relationship and a moral effect between the organizational culture represented by its types and green technical creativity, and a number of recommendations were presented that are consistent with the conclusions that have been reached.





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