The role of knowledge sharing in enhancing career happiness - an exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of the employees of the National University College of Architecture


  • A. L. Ibrahim Saleh Hassan
  • A. L. Mustafa Karim Sahem
  • A. L. Hadeel Qassem Aliwi


knowledge sharing, knowledge sharing culture, job happiness.


The research seeks to analyze the correlation and influence between sharing knowledge in a place and job happiness. The research problem was represented in an important question, which is (Is there a correlation and effect between sharing knowledge in the workplace and job happiness), and to clarify the relationship between the research variables, two main hypotheses of correlation and influence were formulated. The questionnaire was also adopted as the main tool for data collection, as the sample included (40) employees out of the total community of (53) employees in the Private University Architecture College, and for data analysis, the SPSS and EXCEL statistical programs were used. Spearman correlation coefficient and simple linear regression coefficient).

The research has reached several results, the most important of which is a high level of knowledge sharing in its sub-dimensions in the University’s College of Architecture, as well as a significant correlation and a direct effect between knowledge sharing and job happiness.





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