Product design decision and its impact on customer delight: an exploratory study in the General Company for the manufacture of vegetable oils


  • L. Ikhlas Star Akla


product design, customer delight.


 This research aims to evaluate the reality of the product design decision in one of the reputable industrial companies in Iraq and its role in achieving the customer’s joy. As (50) controlled questionnaires were distributed to workers in the General Company for the Industry of Vegetable Oils and (50) questionnaires to sales representatives, distributors, and customers in some markets of (Al-Zafaraniya, Karrada), they were chosen randomly from an open community, and the questionnaire included main variables. For research (product design, customer delight) and three sub-dimensions for each major variable, a number of statistical methods were used, including (arithmetic means, standard deviations, correlation coefficient, impact test, and other statistical methods), the most important conclusions reached by the research: The management of the researched company It does not seek to communicate with its customers and pay attention to their opinions and requirements regarding the products and offers offered by the company.





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