The role and effectiveness of monetary policy in economic growth for the period (2006-2018)


  • Hajar Adel Abdel Rahim
  • P. Dr Mustafa Kamel Rashid


السياسة النقدية، فاعلية السياسة النقدية، النمو الاقتصادي، قنوات انتقال السياسة النقدية.


Monetary policy is the most important economic policy affecting the behavior of macroeconomic variables, as monetary policy has a set of tools (quantitative, qualitative) that exert an influence on the monetary and financial markets, leading to the real market and then economic growth.

The effectiveness of monetary policy makes the ability of monetary decisions and monetary change more influential in economic activities, starting with monetary transactions, daily settlements, and the transfer of capital locally and abroad. The effectiveness of monetary policy channels constitutes an important part of the effectiveness of monetary policy to influence the real economy.

The research concluded that the effectiveness of monetary policy was very weak during the research period, which weakened the impact of the monetary decision on economic growth. The research recommended the