The mediating role of outsourcing of human resources between functional capital and behavior modeling


  • A. P. Dr. Hussein Walid Hussein
  • A. L. Mohamed Khalil Bishara



: job capital, outsourcing, behavior modeling, human resources.


The research aims to analyze the mediating role played by the external supply of human resources between behavior modeling and the enhancement of job capital, given that the human resource is the main source of knowledge, so it is necessary to control and control his behavior, especially the positive ones, in addition to transferring many of his main functions to the relevant authorities. Efficiency in its implementation and the research problem reflected the low cognitive awareness of the researched organization with the importance of the relationship between these variables, and the importance of the research was to contribute to providing treatments to address theoretical and applied deficiencies related to the variables investigated. The researchers adopted the descriptive approach to implementing their research, as they designed the questionnaire according to a number of ready-made standards and indicators, which were distributed to a sample of employees at the Islamic University of Al-Ahliyyah, who numbered (93) individuals, and after processing the data using some statistical tools available in the programs (SPSS-V21). A series of results were produced, which confirmed the validity of the eight hypotheses on which the research was based, which reflected the interrelationship and influence relations between the variables investigated, so the research recommended the need to review successful experiences in developed countries and try to employ and adapt their results to suit the Iraqi environment, and then improve performance levels Her own.





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