Improving the return on investment in customer relationships the role moderate of customer gratitude: Analytical study of the opinions of a sample of customers of travel and tourism companies in Iraq


  • أ.م.د.حسين علي عبد الرسول الجنابي


Return on investment in marketing relationships, customer gratitude, switching intention, word of mouth.


The current research aims to investigate the role moderate of customer gratitude to improve return on investments in customer relationships in the travel and tourism sector. Investment in customer relationship (financial benefits, social benefits, and structural benefits) to customers. The return on investment in customer relationship was measured (intention word of mouth, repurchase intention, switching intention). The current research focused on the mediate role of customer gratitude in the relationship between relationship investments and its returns. The data were collected from the sample of the size of (220) customers of tourism companies and the scale was built in the light of previous studies, It was tested the validity of the scale through the tools of testing the scale was tested hypothesis of research based on some statistical tools and methods (mean, standard deviation, correlation coefficient, Path analysis). The research concluded that the research empirically demonstrates that gratitude plays an important role in understanding how relationship investments increase customer intention to repurchase and word of mouth intention and switching intention. The research recommended the importance of investments in customer relationship and focus to intangible customer assets as they represent a sustainable competitive advantage.