The role of international business partnership in competitive strategy: A case study of Zain Telecom


  • Dr. Ali Muhammad Khalil Al-Shawaf



strategic partnership, competitive strategies, international business management.


      The current study aims to know the main role played by the strategic partnership by removing it (strategic agreement, human resources, common goals) and increasing the achievement of competitive strategies by removing it (cost strategy, focus strategy, excellence strategy) for the purpose of achieving the goal of the study and revealing the nature of the relationship between strategic partnership and strategies Competitiveness, and the questionnaire was adopted as a main tool for collecting data from the research sample, which is the registered employees in the company, as the number of the sample members reached (200) and a set of statistical methods were used, such as the simple correlation coefficient to measure the correlation between the variables and the (T) test to know the significance of the simple correlation Simple regression analysis and (f) test to determine the significance of the regression equation as (R2) was used to explain the influence of the independent variable on the dependent variable. Correlation factor value (0.766).





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