Using the S-estimate method with B-Spline to estimate the nonparametric regression pattern (pilot study)


  • Ghaida Ibrahim Shehab
  • Dr. Nazik Jaafar Sadiq



Nonparametric regression models, Regression B-spline method, Penalize B-Spline estimation method, B-Spline segments, S-estimate method. The research is extracted from a master's thesis.


     One of the most common bootstrap methods is B-splines The use of these slices has become very popular among many fields of mathematics, engineering, and computer science in recent years. Originally, B slices were used for rounding purposes, but their popularity and applications have expanded. In addition, this technique is illustrative and highly flexible, unlike the normal slice technique or other smoothing methods.

     In this research, some smoothing methods will be used, including smoothing the regression of the segment and the penalty segment using the B-spline, in order to obtain an estimate of the non-parametric regression model. The research aims to find the best estimator from among the mentioned primer estimators. To represent the studied data based on the results of simulation experiments, and through the experimental side, it was concluded that the method of smoothing the penalty slide using the B-spline was the best in estimating the nonparametric regression model.