Role Leader-Member Exchange In Organizational justice A Field research in Ministry of Iraqi Defense


  • أ.م.د. هديل كاظم سعيد
  • وسام خالد التميمي


Leader-Member Exchange, Organizational justice.


     The researchers  seek , through different aspects of the search, to reach a set of objective concerning the  content creation of a clear vision about conceptual and practical dimension of relation and effects between (Leader-Member Exchange  and Organizational justice) to construct a framework of a pragmatic model as a solution to research problem and it enquiries. The practical problem is in derivied  from the ctual  of every day work in the Iraqi ministry of defense.

     On this basis, a formula of research problem is formulated  for purpose of clear vision for Role leader-member exchange on Organizational justice for workers in organizational surveyed, represented Leader-Member Exchange is represented by (trust, effect, contribution and respect), and Organizational justice (distribution, procedure and interaction). Questionnaire ferm has been used to collect data, stratified random sample of has been selected (100) individual employees in three departments in the ministry Mentioned, and using statistical program (SPSS) to entry and analysis of research data. The results indicate Significant effect Leader-Member Exchange In Organizational justice for individuals research sample. The researchers recommended that the necessity to increase the interest of the ministry, exchanged relationships between Manager and subordinate, Because subordinate sense of organizational justice is linked to his relationship with the Manager, which strongly appear in times of granting rewards letters of appreciation, and others granted by the Manager of his subordinates because they reflect the way in which governs which subordinate the functional and human level, which treats him by his Manager.





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