The Impact evaluation of the Managerial Innovation on Achieving the Continuous Competitive Advantage of the Tourist Organizations (An Applied Study of a Sample of First -Class Hotels in Baghdad)


  • Nawfal Abdulridha Alwan Al- Gamre
  • Ali Aqeel Sufer


managerial creativeness, the continuous competitive merit, the managerial leadership, strategic thinking, capacity for analysis, change, adventure, motivation, the creative culture, data technology, the essential capacities, the quality, loyalty.


 The research ]search investigates the possibility of  achieving the continuous competitive merit on a sample of first-class hotels in Baghdad depending on The mangers features in developing in   the managerial creativeness. It also tries to define the relationship between its two variables .The reseal deals with 6 first-class hotels by distributing 82 questionnaire forms.                                                                                                        

    The research investigates the impact and the relationship between the managerial creativeness as a dependent variable and the continuous competitive merit as a changeable variable. These variables enact to form the framework of the search. Through this search we find better methods of activating the  role of the managerial creativeness in achieving  the continuous competitive merit of the tourism organizations and define the managers' , awareness of the importance of the managerial creativeness in enhancing the processes of achieving the continuous competitive merit and its impact on the success of the organization.                           

    The research adopts some major and minor hypotheses. In order to achieve its objectives  and test its hypotheses, the search depends mainly on the questionnaire forms to collect data and information  beside the interviews with the managers of the hotels and the heads of their departments . To analyze the collected data the researcher s have used  statistical tools such as mathematical means, standard deviation, Spearman category correlative factor and divergence factor.

    The research has reaches some theoretical and applied conclusions , the most important of which is that the managerial creativeness has an important role in defining the way of achieving the  continuous  competitive merit . The research proves that the factors of developing the managerial creativeness all have a positive impact on the continuous competitive merit. It also concludes that there is a common understanding , among the employees and their managers which leads to creative  and   inventive solutions that keep the hotel organization within the competitive range all the time. It is recommended establish  a creative culture as a means for raising the level of the products and services provided to the guests and achieving qualitative and recreational  addition for the guest