(A proposed framework for improving the quality of audit work using the block chain technology)


  • Haider Muhammad zbon




In light of the widespread use of electronic technologies and computerized application programs and the great development in most of the different economic sectors, and the consequent need for auditors to provide their services at the highest level of quality, it has become necessary for economic units to adopt the technical developments represented by the block chain as a model. Blockchain technology is a method that is likely to change the work of audit offices, this emerging technology and its multiple capabilities have the ability to overcome the challenges and problems in the accounting system that are reflected in the work of auditors, so this research aims to present a proposed framework to improve the quality of audit work using Block chain technology results and the most important of these conclusions is that as a result of applying the block chain technology it will change the way the external auditor follows to carry out his work and express his neutral and independent technical opinion on the outcome of the economic unit’s work, as well as he will face some challenges and obstacles that he must overcome and he must examine and evaluate the risks The implementation of this modern technology, and based on the results of the research recommended the necessity of publishing Considering and amending the laws regulating the accounting and auditing profession in Iraq, by setting laws that oblige auditors and audit offices to use modern electronic technologies and computer application programs in auditing work and to introduce technological improvements to their work.


الرحيلي ، الضحوي، تطوير قطاع الايجار العقاري بما يتماشى مع التحول الرقمي للملكة العربية السعودية :دراسة مقترحة اتطبيق سلسلة الكتل،مجلة الدراسات والمعلومات المحاسبية ،المجلد ( 5) ، العدد1،السعودية،2020 .

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