Application of the genetic algorithms information system Graceful Administrative Decisions: Case Study For some deanships of the colleges of Al- Mustansiriyah University


  • أ.م. د. فؤاد يوسف عبد الرحمن الجبوري



: GAIS, Graceful, Administrative, Decisions.


The search was based on an idea genetic algorithms information system applications have a prominent and effective role in making a quantum leap in building and streamlining administrative decisions graceful and design a new business life cycle it promotes contemporary management using artificial intelligence system to reproduce decisions and choose the optimal ones adopting the survival method of the fittest using mathematical functions for developmental scientific simulation and evaluating them in the light of the continuous and serial variables in the treatment request to find the best solutions to the problem. The problem of the study crossed with a set of questions that were surrounded to indicate the importance of the system and its applicability. The researcher used the case study and checklist its paragraphs were answered by a sample consisting of (40) professors of the position of dean, associate dean and head of department. Central tendency measures for treatments were used in descriptive analysis methods accordingly, the results were extracted and the researcher reached some of the most important conclusions (Necessity to develop contemporary management thought using information systems of genetic algorithms to enhance and streamline administrative decisions commensurate with the new and accelerating global changes and the adoption and modernization of digitization).





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