The effect of corporate governance on achieving the creditworthiness of a sample of companies: an exploratory study


  • Manaf Hamed Abed Sarhan
  • A.Prof. Amal Mahmoud Ali



This research aims to introduce corporate governance and know its role in achieving the creditworthiness of industrial companies represented in the General Company for Construction Industries, the General Company for Engineering Examination and Qualification, and the General Company for Electrical and Electronic Industries, and since there is no agreement on the concept of governance, but there is an agreement that its application enhances the efficiency of performance any company that implements it and supports its ability to face any financial crisis it may encounter. The importance of governance as an effective tool for control in companies has emerged through several internal and external mechanisms. The Board of Directors is considered the most important mechanism of corporate governance mechanisms because it is one of the regulatory authorities within the administration where managers monitor, and supervise The researcher concluded that corporate governance is the framework through which companies can be managed, as it defines the rights and duties of all parties related to those companies, as well as evaluating solvency and the desire to pay off debts. The Iraqi business environment and the need for companies to obtain a credit rating and identify strengths and points of weakness that you suffer from .





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