A study of patients with bladder cancer using the survival function of the new expanded adapter Whipple distribution


  • Ali Karim Aliwi Jabr
  • Prof. Dr. Wadhah Sabry Ibrahim




survival function, transformed Weibull distribution, ordinary least squares (OLS), mean, variance


In this research, the survival function was estimated for a sample of (150) bladder cancer patients, and it was estimated using the ordinary least squares (OLS) method for a new probability distribution, which is the Transmuted Weibull distribution extender, which was obtained by expanding the transformed Weibull distribution. (Transmuted weibull distribution) by using the generalized exponential method. It was concluded that the values of the survival function are inversely proportional to time, and it is inferred that the longer the period of infection, the greater the probability of death from this disease.


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