Impact of social protection programs on poverty and unemployment in Iraq for the period 2004-2017


  • أ.د هناء عبد الغفار حمود
  • رسول حسن علي


The research aims to analyze and assess the impact of the amounts allocated to the protection programs (social protection network, vocational training and soft loans) in the rate of poverty and unemployment in Iraq, to ​​determine the effectiveness of these programs and their direct impact in reducing the phenomenon of unemployment and poverty in Iraq, the study reached according to the results of the statistical program (Eviews9) pointed out that the amount of funds allocated to social protection programs did not have a significant role in reducing the phenomenon of unemployment and poverty, since most of those amounts did not go to their due to weak management and the spread of financial corruption and other things, as the results of the research showed that The studied variables were static when the difference according to the Dickey-Fuller test results Extended (ADF), and the variables are normally distributed and that the model does not suffer from the auto-correlation problem and the problem of hetro contrast.