The ambit impact of the efficiency of inputs and processes of the educational system in Iraq on the efficiency of its output to eliminate unemployment


  • م. د. حنان عبدالله حسن العمّار
  • د. أسيل جبار عــنبر


To reach the elimination of unemployment in the Republic of Iraq, we must provide jobs that meet and invest the academic and intellectual energies of young people, to participate in the building of the country not to kill their energies because they always dream of the hope of the future in every land, and once these ideas and energies are invested properly until we find countries develop And flourish, and therefore must be a study confirms the need to pay attention to what these young people must be to meet the requirements of community service and meet the needs, that is, a more accurate description there must be scientific and practical qualifications for young people (outputs of the educational system) adequate and sufficient (characterized by efficiency) to eliminate unemployment, especially In the In order to ensure the efficiency of these outputs, we must first pay attention to the efficiency of the inputs of the Iraqi educational system and its transformative processes, and therefore this research has been prepared to study the impact of the efficiency of inputs (faculty, laws, instructions, regulations, etc.) and operations of the educational system (the delivery of information specified in the curriculum In Iraq on the efficiency of its outputs (graduating students with several disciplines), and then the feedback from nutrition this system inversely and its role in low unemployment rates and eliminate them later.

This is exacerbated by the unemployment problem, the impact of the educational system and its outputs on the labor market and the impact of these outputs on other elements of this system, including its inputs and transformative processes, and this is evident when the levels of education are not commensurate with the needs of the labor market within the state according to the level of skill in the work performed, both in Building the positive trend of children towards the appropriate profession to their potential, desires and ability on the one hand, and with the needs of society and meet its requirements on the one hand, or when the outputs are inefficient, hence the idea of ​​research to study the impact of the efficiency of the inputs and processes of the educational system and reflected Here the result on the efficiency of the output to reach the elimination of unemployment, particularly in the Republic of Iraq.