Evaluation of the actual reality of the social responsibility: According to international standard requirement ISO26000:2010


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  • م.م عالية عصام عباس


Representing social responsibility is an essential aspect in huskiness organization should be adopted when they interact with the community through pledges committed by the organizations to carry out activities to protect and improve the welfare of society. Highlighted the importance of this subject through the adoption of the international organization for standards (ISO) for this term and the issuance of the standard provides general guidance of the basic principles of social responsibility and the topic and issues associated with them. It also addresses the means which enable people to introduce the concept of social responsibility within the framework of the strategies and mechanisms, practices and processes for all organizations. Since these principles and guidelines will not be equal to use, and the responsibility located with organizations in determining what followed them and implemented equally with stakeholders. This research was addressed to the concept of standard ISO 26000 and trying to know out whether the hospital in question was aware of the subject of social responsibility. Is there a gap between the actual reality of social responsibility applied in the hospital and the ISO 26000 standard? We used seven scales to measure the congruence between the actual implementation of those requirement. The search had reached a set of conclusions was the most important:

  1. Meet the hospital under study some of the general principles of the specification either cause of the gap in this item was a result of the lack of documentation as well as the partial application of some sub-items for this item.
  2. The hospital maintains serious relationships with their employees and is working to provide good working conditions, health and safety.





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