Detailed financial feasibility study of investment projects And their role in making investment decision (The cement industry project model)


  • أ.م.د. يوسف عبدالله عبد
  • م.د. خالد عبدالحميد عبدالمجيد


     Investment projects are one of the basic tools through which the available economic resources are mobilized and channeled to reach the optimal allocation for economic growth. As for the private sector, it aims to achieve profit for the investor and contribute to achieving the general goals of society, which requires rational guidance of economic resources to reach the achievement of the objectives, according to the study of the investment project from the legal, marketing, technical and financial aspects, which is called feasibility study of projects which contributes to the rationalization of investment decision.                

    The research aims to develop a scientific and practical approach to highlight the importance of the financial feasibility study and the role of the criteria used in making the investment decision facing the entrepreneurs.

    The detailed financial feasibility study of all aspects of the investment project represents an analytical approach that contributes to sound investment decision making on scientific basis.

Financial feasibility studies contribute to the preservation of capital invested and avoid the risk of spending in projects that are not feasible.