The role of academic accreditation to meet needs of the labor market - An analytical survey research of opinions a sample of the teaching staff at Technical Collage of Management / Baghdad


  • أ.م.د. شفاء بلاسم حسن


The research aims to identify the effect of the academic accreditation to meet the needs of the labor market at Technical College of management / Baghdad according to a questionnaire form prepared by the researcher to plot the opinion a sample of teaching staff (30). Research ras to assess the reality of academic accreditation in college dependence of the self and outer assessment Arab universities evidence (mission and objectives, management, quality assurance management, learning and education, management of student affairs, learning resources, planning and financial management, scientific research, and relationship the college to society), and the needs of the labor market according to five variables (labor market needs of graduates, the quality of graduates, the training programs for the labor market, scientific consulting, conferences and seminars geared to the society). Survey analytical method has been followed to reach results that confirmed the existence of correlation relationship and influence between academic accreditation and labor market needs.





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