The Performance Indicators of the Tourism Sector in Iraq and secuing Means to Develop


  • Alham khazaal Nashur


Tourism sector is one of the major and important sectors in any state  due to a quantum leap that it wakes in economic and social development and its contribution to the development process . The sector is a major source of national income sources and work power, it also has a major role in the development of capabilities and skills of the population culturally and sociallys since Iraq is characterized by the presence of many tourism resources, so it is a major tourist base for tourism investment. However, we find that the tourism sector in Iraq has not received the attention and support from the State.      The sector has remained unable to perform the required role in development, it can be inferred through several indicators; including hotel capacity index , number of workers , the balance of payments index, and other indicators, accordingly, the interest in the tourism sector and  giving it a role that deserves, requires policies and procedure the development  that ensure proper management of the tourism sector and  rebuilding , developing it, in order  to .contribute  an effective contribution in the development of  Iraqi economy.