Scheduling Project Management Using Crashing CPM Networks to Get Project Completed on Time & Under Budget


  • م. بتول عطية خلف


Most of Iraqi companies suffer from difficulties & challenges due to complexity of project, and because of its dependency on the traditional tool to plan, schedule, and control the project development. The needs for continuous control of time, cost, and performance of projects, also can be completed on time with good quality and within the allocated budget.

    This research provident dynamic approach will let the user evaluate the project network to determine a crashing strategy at the beginning of the project and also during the life of the project. To reduce a projects completion time, a technique called "crashing is performed, which involves bringing in additional resources for activities along the critical path of the network.

    The research created model to determine the order in which activities should be crashed as well as using CPM technique helps good project management in achieving the objective with minimum of time and least cost and also in predictive the probable project duration and associated cost meeting the desired project.  

KEY WORD:- Project management, Activities, WBS (Work Breakdown Structure), CPM (Critical Path Method), Schedule, Slack Time, Crashing.






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