The Problem Of Displacement In Iraq… Damages And Development Losses


  • أ.د. وفاء جعفر المهداوي
  • تبارك كمال عبد الصاحب


The displacement crisis, the internal displacement crisis is a part of the realities of the events that have taken place in the world as a result of multiple and varied causes as  political, economic, social and environmental, and has made violence and terrorism the main reason for expressing the content and the extent of the conflict, leading to the disintegration of the social  fabric, in the absence of community peace, that government intervention, international and humanitarian organizations and the actors in society had a necessary , effective and distinctive role to reduce the spread of displacement and to counteract to  its negative projection on the  society and the economy according to the successful management of the crisis, and therefore government and international intervention towards sustainable solutions and community and economic stability to support the human rights approach and to respond to the goals and targets  of sustainable development of the Year 2015-2030.