Mining data of Iraqi banks for the period 2015-2018 using the visual imaging method


  • A. L. Mona Kazem Joy
  • A. L. Abeer Kazem Aliwi


data mining, visualization, trading indicators.


The banking sector is one of the most important economic sectors for its active role in the process of economic development through its direct impact in financing the investments of economic units. Therefore, the contribution of this sector in the financial markets is an important supporter of the development process, as its data is excavated to verify the level of that contribution and raise the efficiency of its performance. The aim of the research is to use the technique of data mining in the banking sector in Iraq for the purpose of showing and comparing the trading indicators of the banks registered within the reports of the Iraqi Stock Exchange for the period (2015-2018), we used some statistical methods using the visual imaging method, and the results of 2016 showed that they are the best indicators. The trading volume of the banking sector compared to the rest of the research years, where the trading volume amounted to (382629419894.07) billion Iraqi dinars, while the number of shares traded was (964183615753) shares, while in 2017, there was a decrease in the indicators of the trading volume of the banking sector compared to the rest of the years, as the trading volume reached (17609202507) billion Iraqi dinars, while the number of traded shares amounted to (3120,294,171) shares, and one of the most important recommendations for research is the use of more than one of the techniques of oil exploration Analyzes for the purposes of comparison to reach better knowledge decisions, as well as support and consolidate the presence of the banking sector in the local and global markets and adopt a well-studied policy such as the policy of merger and alliance to enhance and expand its market share and competitiveness.





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