The Digital Economy and its Impact on the Development of the tourism industry


  • أ.د. عــبد اللطيف شهـاب احمد
  • وسـام قاسم لفته


Digital Economy, Digital Technology, Tourism Development.


   The tourism industry has become a compamd industry of the important ones that rely on social and economic development projects to achieve stability and balanced economic and social growth, this makes many countries pay attention to tourism by describing it as a social and cultural phenomenon whose general objective is knowledge, pleasure, rest, recreation and international solidarity , Especially after the adoption of developed countries digital technology which occupies a great place in their Economic and social activities. So became main engine of economic growth...

  This study has come to reflect the major role played by digital economy in developing economics in general and toussm industry in particular this makes it the core of  attention by the State and members of the community because of it's great importance in the development of economy in developed and developing countries as these countries including Iraq become look to tourism as a way to improve their economic and social conditions and diversifying economic structures.

  The digital economy with its active elements is the main basis for this development and makes the sector more competitive at the local and international levels through its role in activating the tourism movement, whether local or expatriate. The 358 companies in Baghdad were chosen as Tourism and archeology site for study and distributed 170 questionnaires on the companies sample study.