A statistical study to show the impact of the historic visit of Pope Francis in revitalizing the tourism movement in the ancient city of Ur.


  • Dr. Abdul Hakim Jamil Shoukri




The historical visit of the Pope (Francis), Tourism media promotion, Reviving the tourist movement in the city of Ur


The media promotion of the historical, cultural and religious features has internationally the great role and importance which is interest in the touristic sector. This will have in favor to the economy of the countries through polarizing and attracting the foreign invests to inside country and polarizing the foreign tourists and activating the touristic movement, especially Iraq has historical, cultural and religious landmarks characterized by interest of the most world people. The historical visit of the Pope (Francis) to the archaeological city of Ur in internationally promotion to this historical and cultural milestone where no archaeological site witnessed like such visit. This conforms  that the importance of promotion is not stop to define the archaeological city of Ur only but it confirms also through this visit that Iraq has investment and touristic ambience makes it in the rank of the touristic world countries to correct the false concepts formed by the tourists and investors as well due to the malicious media which work in favour of particular agendas. The media promotion of the historical visit of The Pope Francis makes show the distinguished features and characteristics, that Iraqi people have, to attract the foreign invests as well as the touristic groups to the country only if were investing in the proper way.


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