reengineering the administrative process and its impact on institutional Distinction Excellence An Applied Study for sample Manager from Excellent& First Degree Hotels Baghdad City


  • Prof. Dr . Nawfal AbdulRidha Alwan
  • Hana'a Hassan Kadhem


reengineering the administrative process institutional excellence.


The purpose: The two researchers aim from this research to evaluate  the relation of reengineering the administrative process and its impact on the  institutional excellence on a sample from the excellent and first class hotels in Baghdad based on the studies that contribute in reduction of the relative scary in the field off reengineering the administrative process and institutional excellence . The researchers also seek to learn the reality of the influence relation or the variables of the research in the concerned hotels as they influence on the private sector in general and on tourism in special .then the collaboration and influence relation has been tested which is consisted of , a sample of excellent and first class hotels in Baghdad and the research population was limited in (133) managers of several administrative levels .

Methodology : The research includes the relation and the influence between the reengineering the administrative process and the institutional excellence ,The first variable includes measuring six dimensions .the variable of institutional excellence includes measuring five dimensions while .these variables interact to form the frame of the research ,The importance of the research is it shall conclude philosophic thinking originality ,To achieve this objective  main hypothesis have been formed and were tested using a group of statistical instruments and  a questionnaire is used to collect the data and information of the research population.

   The research evaluation : The two researches reached to several of the theoretical and application conclusions ,The most important are that the interests in the reengineering the administrative process ,The technology of reengineering the administrative operations has several features such as learning the favorites of the guests and the qualities it needs through determining the dimensions of the qualities such as the performance the service abilities on the perceived qualities ,The most important recommendations of the researchers are to emphasize on the hotels administrations that the reengineering of the administrative  operations will crystalize the hotel work and treat the detect and weak aspects and as a result the excellence achieved in the performance and outputs and attract more numbers of the guests