Reading in International Bank Report (Doing Business 2014: Understanding regulations for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises) Singapore & Iraq: Comporting Study


  • D. Ahmed Kareem Jasim


(Iraq, Singapore, Doing Business)


This research deals with a comparative study between both Singapore the first country in the order of version 11 of the annual report on freedom of doing business for small orients , and Iraq, which takes ranking 151 among 189 countries, a report issued annually by the International Bank entitled (Doing Business 2014: Understanding regulations for small and medium-Size enterprises)(freedom of Doing Business: understanding of legislation for small and medium-sized enterprises), as the research definition of the report and its components, as well as a comparison between the two countries of Iraq and Singapore with the search for a number of reasons that make be the first and the possibility of making use of these factors in achieving referm and development in Iraq , which is suitable for evaluation and benefit from successful international experiences in order to achieve the desired goal opportunity, as it was at the end of the research to provide a number of lessons learned from the Singaporean experience for development during recent decades.