Availability of regulatory innovation requirements in IT organizations and their contribution to promoting sustainable development / field study


  • Dr. Majeed H. Majeed


Organizational Invention, Sustainable development, IT Organization


    Organizational innovation has become one of the basic requirements for the sustainable development of the industrial organizations through the development of their products or services . As the development and maintenance of the IT service requires that the employees have a high level of creativity and thus improve the quality of their business, which they enjoy, such as intelligence and talent, or through the acquired characteristics such as finding solutions to the problems that face their work and provide a knowledge base variety through which expertise and develop skills, so the current research discusses the basics of innovation which can enhance the possibility of creating an environment conducive to sustainable development in some IT organizations, as organizations engaged in a range of activities in the management of internal and external communications, in order to provide information exchange between end users (organizations or individuals) Organizational innovation by enhancing the capabilities of these organizations to provide high quality services to various applications that serve users and maintain the momentum of information flow to them, and reduce production costs by providing appropriate alternatives and business development Continuous form by another.

    The importance of research comes the from the availability of the fundamentals of organizational innovation in some IT organizations that can promote sustainable development as well as analyzing the current status of the research organizations by presenting the most important obstacles facing them and preventing the development of organizational innovation. Organizational innovation in research organizations that can enhance the orientation towards the sustainable development of IT organizations, as well as the difference between IT organizations in the availability of these components, the research is based on the hypothesis that the fundamentals of the father Carr through which the Organizational promote the sustainable development of information technology organizations if they were available.The research included four axes, the first of which dealt with the methodology of research while the second and third dealt with the conceptual framework for organizational innovation and sustainable development. The fourth concerned the practical aspect of the study as applied in a number of IT organizations operating in Iraq.





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