The effect of roaming management on employees’ commitment to official working hours: An applied study in the General Company for Food Products, Abu Ghraib dairy factories


  • Sri Hamad Rajab Hamad
  • P. Dr. Samah Moayed Mahmoud



management by roaming, employees' commitment to official working hours.


The two researchers aim in this study to know the extent of the impact of management by roaming in the General Company for Food Products, Abu Ghraib Dairy Factories through the main axes of (discovering facts, improving communication, motivation, development, and creativity, and feedback), and the extent of its contribution to achieving employees’ commitment to times Official working hours, and the problem that was reached through the preliminary survey conducted in the company in question, was the limited awareness of managers to the practice of roaming management and its dimensions, which leads to weak commitment in terms of commitment to the official attendance and departure times. The General Company for Food Products, the Abu Ghraib Dairy Factory, and all the factories and milk collection and cooling centers affiliated with it within the limits of its geographical location in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals were chosen as a community for the study. Their number is (177) employees. The second was represented by a sample of (32) managers, and to achieve hypothesis testing, the researcher used the descriptive analytical approach, and the questionnaire was relied on as a tool for data collection, as well as field visits and direct observation and the collection of a lot of data through the diagnosis of the actual reality of the company in question, and to achieve this it was classified the main hypothesis, from which (5) sub-hypotheses were branched.

The two researchers reached a set of results, the most prominent of which is the existence of an impact relationship between the management by roaming in achieving the commitment of workers to the official working hours, and that the employees are functionally committed in the General Company for Food Products, Abu Ghraib Dairy Factories, and this was confirmed in the results of the practical side.





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