The impact of restructuring on strategic performance - exploratory research for the opinions of a sample of Maysan Oil Company managers


  • Ibrahim Saleh Hassan
  • A.P.Dr. Firas Muhammad Al-Amiri



: restructuring, strategic performance, balanced scorecard


The research aims to clarify the most appropriate option among the restructuring options represented by (reducing the size, reducing the range, hybridizing the structure, strategic alliance, and joint ventures) to develop the strategic performance of the Maysan Oil Company (MOC)).

     The main research problem was represented in an important question (What is the most appropriate option among the restructuring options to develop the strategic performance in the company?) To clarify the relationship between the research variables, two main hypotheses of correlation and influence were formulated. The questionnaire was adopted as the main tool for data collection and analysis, and the questionnaire was subjected to tests of validity and reliability, as the sample included (165) people from the company's community represented by directors of bodies, heads of departments, and officials of the people. To analyze the data, the statistical programs SPSS and Excel were used, and among the statistical methods used in the analysis (were arithmetic mean, frequencies, coefficient of variation, standard deviation, significance ratio, Spearman's correlation coefficient, and simple linear regression).

The researcher reached a number of results, including restructuring a clear role in the strategic performance of the company, as it was found that choosing to reduce the size is the appropriate choice for the company, and this means that the company suffers from some increase in departments and jobs or the preparation of employees, which requires taking appropriate measures to solve this problem Based on that, he reached a number of recommendations, the most important of which is the need for decision makers in the company to analyze and discuss restructuring options (reducing the size, reducing the range, hybridizing the structure, strategic alliance, joint projects) or even those that the researcher did not mention to find appropriate ways that It helps it to improve its strategic performance, increase productivity and reduce costs, as well as research and analyze the number of workers and how they are distributed to departments and the extent to which the company can benefit from the surplus numbers in finding alternative opportunities to get rid of the surplus number based on retirement systems or transfer to other companies suffering from a shortage of numbers because the company belongs to the Ministry oil.





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