Future prospects for projects to tackle poverty and unemployment in Iraq


  • Hanan Younes Hafez
  • A.P.Dr. Abdul-Zahra Faisal Younes




- future vision - poverty and unemployment.


The projects to address poverty and unemployment are one of the important economic programs that, as a future vision, to address the economic deviations that resulted from confusion and randomness in addressing problems, and at the forefront of these deviations comes the dilemma of poverty and unemployment, which witnessed an increase in its rates and the expansion of its circle to include even some groups of the middle class, from Here comes the importance of the research that focused on diagnosing the phenomenon, analyzing the dimensions of its negative effects, and investigating the economic and social consequences of its continuation, based on the premise that future vision projects are a historical opportunity to reduce the phenomenon of poverty and unemployment, depending on the organized and efficient effort of government organizations and institutions in applying the criteria of what was stated in the items of the white paper, and the problem revolves around the relationship between general economic activity and the increase in poverty and unemployment rates, as with the decline or slowdown in the implementation of the future vision and the weakness of the material base of the infrastructure, the provision of services that enhance the standard of living of citizens becomes impossible, which makes the possibility of reducing the increasing rates of poverty and unemployment a fraught matter. Financial and monetary aid and the adoption of the charity approach produce undesirable economic and social results, foremost among them inflation, which would exacerbate and complicate the problem, in addition to spreading inaction and trust that limit the social effectiveness necessary to build a welfare state.

 The most prominent recommendations that we concluded in this research are the inevitable link in diversifying sources of income by activating all economic sectors and the eradication of poverty and unemployment as the ultimate goal of development.