Public relations relationship with the quality of management information systems )Applied study of hotels of the excellent class)


  • م. د. احمد مجيد حميد
  • دينا جعفر خلف


Public Relations, Quality Management Information Systems


The study dealt with public relations as an independent variable with its sub-dimensions (means, skills, qualifications, and jobs) and the quality of management information systems as a dependent variable with its sub-dimensions represented by information quality standards which included (accuracy, utility, effectiveness, efficiency, and prediction). The variables studied by tourism and hotel organizations, and the problem does not stop at understanding the meaning of the variables (public relations and the quality of management information systems), but extends to all dimensions that are related to the work of these variables, which will work to improve the performance of the organization Excellent class hotels in Baghdad have been chosen as a field of research. The total community is represented by department managers, public officials, employees working in the public relations and management information systems departments, as well as 65 employees in the front offices. The importance of the study is not derived from its framework. The study aims to achieve a set of objectives, including a relationship statement. Influence between public relations and the quality of management information systems. To achieve this, the study relied on the existing research methodology and post - analysis.