The Effect of strategic flexibility in marketing performance - Exploratory study in the General Company for Textiles and Leather Industries


  • م.م. محمد ثائر علي البياتي


Strategic Flexibility and Marketing Performance.


   The research aims to determine the Effect of strategic flexibility namely (production flexibility, human capital elasticity, market elasticity) in marketing performance (market share, sales volume, customer retention),The problem of the study is that there is a lack of marketing performance for the company, especially regarding (market share and customer retention), which required highlighting in flexibility in order to draw the attention of the company to the importance of strategic flexibility in improving its marketing performance by adapting to rapid environmental developments,The current research (senior management and executive management) was conducted at the level of the General Company for Textile and Leather Industries.The questionnaire has been used as a main tool for collecting data. (70) forms have been distributed .The statistical program (SPSS.V.23) has been used to analyze data and extract value (arithmetic mean, Coefficient of variance, and correlation coefficient as well as statistical methods of induction (t) and (F), as well as simple linear regression test), The statistical methods revealed a number of results, the most important of which are : The existence of a significant statistical correlation relationship between the strategic flexibility and the marketing performance, as well as the significant effect of the strategic flexibility in the marketing performance and the level of impact increases in their presence, This research has came out with a number of conclusions,The most important of these was that the strategic flexibility gained great importance and attention from the company, and the company lack of interest in reducing the prices of its products as well as the lack of interest in the opinions of customers when designing products.





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