The Impact Of Marketing Ambidexterity On The Customer Sustainable Value An Analytical Survey For All Branches Of The Trade Bank Of Iraq(TBI) In Baghdad




Marketing ambidexterity, Customer sustainable value, Opportunity exploration.


This research aims at identifying the impact of marketing ambidexterity in its dimensions (exploration of opportunities, exploitation of opportunities, marketing flexibility) on the sustainable value of the customer with its dimensions (customer acquisition, customer retention, customer expansion), by surveying and analyzing the views of the targeted sample of decision-makers and employees in branches of the Trade Bank Of Iraq (TBI) in Baghdad City, who were (65) individuals. The questionnaire was used as the main tool for collecting data and information from the researched sample, besides, their answers were analyzed using statistical programs like (SPSS V. 25) and (Smart PLS) in calculating arithmetic means, standard deviations, test (f ), simple linear regression coefficient, relative importance and determination coefficient ( R 2 ).

The research came up with several conclusions, the most important of which was the impact of marketing ambidexterity on all dimensions of the sustainable value of the customer from the perspective of the research sample covered. Moreover, the research suggested several recommendations, including that the bank management should focus on all dimensions of marketing ambidexterity as its tactical tools to better implement its marketing strategy.






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