The impact of information technology on achieving hotel management innovation (A survey of the views of a sample of administrative staff at the Royal Tulip Al Rasheed Hotel / Baghdad)


  • م.د. دنيا طارق أحمد


Information Technology, Hotel Management Innovation


present research aims to determine and statement the dimensions of the basic infrastructure for information technology and the basic dimensions of creativity administrative sample research , as well as showing the impact of the relationship between information technology and administrative innovation at the Royal Tulip Al-Rasheed Hotel. The research problem is for mulated in a number of questions focused on the impact of the research variables relationship, and the research is based on a key assumption emerged, including five sub-hypotheses subjected to several tests to ensure their validity. The research has  followed the descriptive analytical approach . The current research, a sample of (39) administrative staff at the Royal Tulip Al-Rasheed Hotel, and (39) questionnaires have been obtained as suitable for analysis . The statistical program Ready (SPSS) has been used . The study has reached number of results including: that there is a statistically significant effect between the research variables (information technology, administrative creativity), and these results matched with the hypotheses. The study has reached  a number "of recommendations, including: the need to adopt the use of information technology at the Royal Tulip Al-Rasheed Hotel in order to achieve creativity administrative which will reflect positively" to improve customer service, and increase the number of computers used and improve the quality to cope with the hotel business growing, as well as "for rehabilitation personnel Royal Tulip Al-Rasheed Hotel through their participation in training courses in the field of technology and hotel software to cope with the changes and not just the current abilities.