The impact of creativity strategy on the marketing mix of banking services


  • Ali Jassim Resan
  • P. Dr. Araden Hatem Khudair



creativity strategy, marketing mix, banking service.


      Through this research, the researcher aims to study the impact of the innovation strategy with its sub-dimensions (maturity, pervasiveness, niche market, cost reduction, policies, macroeconomics) on the marketing mix of banking service in its dimensions (service, pricing, promotion, distribution, physical components, the human element). The research included qualitative analysis of data related to government banks, the research sample of which numbered three banks (Al-Rasheed, Al-Rafidain, the Iraqi Commercial Bank TBI) and the commercial banks represented by the Bank (Islamic, Development, Gulf) due to the great importance and the vital role that these banks contribute to achieving the marketing mix for banking service in the local markets, the research community represented the workers in these banks. An intentional sample of bank managers were selected, the research community consisted of (88) managers, and the analysis was based on a solid scientific base that sought to reveal the internal banking operations of these banks and how to enhance them through the creative strategy. for the banking marketing mix. Where the research relied on a variety of statistical tools to obtain accurate results for the above banks within the geographical area of ​​Maysan Governorate and to extract the results from them using the statistical program called the Statistical Package for Social Sciences SPSS, issued in its 26th edition. Whereas, regression analysis was conducted to ensure the significance of the impact of the creative strategy on the marketing mix in general and in each A bank in particular, and the results showed a significant effect of the innovation strategy in general, and for every bank as well, except for the Islamic bank and TBI bank, where the effect was not significant.