Organizational culture relationship and impact on bullying behavior in the workplace An exploratory study of the opinions of a sample of employees of a number of the faculties of Mustansiriyah University


  • Faten Nihad Jawad



: Organizational beliefs, Organizational norms, Organizational values, Regulatory action, Verbal Violence.


     The research aims to know the impact and relationship of organizational culture with its dimensions (organizational values, organizational beliefs, organizational norms) on the dimensions of bullying behavior in the workplace (verbal violence, organizational procedures, humiliation behavior, and social isolation). To achieve the objectives of the research, a hypothetical scheme was defined in which the nature of the relationship between the independent variable, organizational culture, the dependent variable, and bullying behavior was determined. To test the research hypotheses, the research was applied to a random sample of (147) members of the administrative staff working in a number of colleges of Al-Mustansiriya University (College of Science, College of Engineering, College of Administration and Economics, College of Education, College of Arts). The questionnaire was the main tool for collecting data and information. The research relied on a number of statistical tools and methods, which are the Pearson correlation coefficient and simple linear regression analysis. The research reached several conclusions, the most important of which was the low levels of the organization’s interest in developing and developing the skills and capabilities of its employees, with the presence of a number of bullying behaviors by the direct supervisor towards employees, and a number of recommendations were made, including the importance of redistributing work tasks in proportion to the capabilities and capabilities of employees and monitoring Diagnose cases of bullying and take measures to reduce this phenomenon.





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