knowledge sharing motives and its role in enhancing organizational commitment


  • م. ضرغام علي مسلم العميدي


knowledge sharing، organizational commitment، motives، performance .


      The research aims to identify the role that motives of knowledge sharing can in promoting organizational commitment in order to invest the means available to the organizations to improve and develop its performance، A sample The presidency of the University of Kufa has been selected as a field of research and included (49) me ambers  from the presidency of the University of Kufa staff were five motives is made to measure the independent variable sharing of knowledge، namely، (self- efficiencies، verbal motives، tangible rewards، reputation، attitude of sharing of knowledge) while searching on three dimensions to measure the organizational commitment variable adopted an (emotional commitment، normative commitment، continuous commitment) and reach Find a set of conclusions in the light of the search results، which indicated that the motives of the sharing of knowledge can contribute to strengthening the organizational commitment levels and recommended search a set of recommendations including the need to focus on the operations of sharing knowledge with the need to the attention of organizations career cadre and work on inclusion and consulted in the decision process the decision in order to promote forms of commitment they have to get to the effective performance at work                                





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