The effect of the principles of total quality management in improving the competitive advantage and the mediating role of information technology systems (a prospective study on private banks operating in Iraq)


  • A. L. Nada Abdul Hassan Jawad


total quality management, competitive advantage, information technology, Iraqi private banks.


The aim of the research is to shed light on total quality management, competitive advantage, information technology systems) through several questions that included a statement of the impact of total quality management in its dimensions (customer focus, senior management support, teamwork, research and development, training) in improving the competitive advantage represented by b (efficiency, quality, creativity, market share), in addition to showing the impact of technological information systems in its dimensions (equipment, hardware, software, information networks, human element) in improving competitive advantage, and finally knowing the impact of the application of total quality management in improving competitive advantage through information systems Technology in Iraqi private banks. Accordingly, the analytical descriptive approach was relied on in collecting and analyzing data. The number of questionnaires distributed reached (120) questionnaires to a number of employees in Iraqi private banks, from which (106) questionnaires were retrieved. It was found that the number of questionnaires valid for analysis reached (98), which were Valid questionnaires was analyzed through the statistical program (SPSS), where the researcher relied on arithmetic averages and standard deviations to analyze the results, while simple linear regression and multiple linear regression were used to show the influence relationship between the studied variables, and the research found many results, the most important of which are: There is a direct relationship There is a strong positive between total quality management and competitive advantage through information technology.





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