Jop stress and Its Relation with the hote organization A field study at AL Mansoor hotel


  • Dr. Zuhier Abbas Azeez


Job stress , Communication , hotel organization


    Modern hotel organizations pay great attention to job stress for its essential importance of impact on job performance within and outside the hotel organizations through the positive and negative influences of  job stress among the employees and try to find solutions for each type of the individual and organizational job stresses in order to reach a level of job which is characterized by activity and ability to offer the best services and facilities which in turn contribute in achieving the objectives of the hotel organizations.

   These organizations try to cultivate the job stress through the efficient communication among the employees on their different organizational levels and provide them with all the data , information, and thoughts they need to do their job in the proper way and through the use of different kinds of techniques of communication that help to mobilize energies and increase job  improvement to achieve the objectives of the hotel organizations.