Measuring and managing green energy from solar energy for poultry fields and its role in enhancing competitive advantage: an applied research


  • Ali Hassan Ghanem
  • P. Dr. Nidal Muhammad Reda Mohsen Khalaf



: green energy, solar energy, competitive advantage, poultry fields.


Because of the intensity of competition, the price factor has often become the most influential factor in the purchase decision, so the economic unit needs to reduce the cost of the product to achieve a competitive advantage, and the Iraqi market has become open to Arab and foreign products, which led to a decline in local agricultural and animal products, due to fullness The market with the products of external competitors, and in light of these developments, economic units are looking for ways and costly ways to reduce product costs, reduce resource consumption, prevent pollution, and use green energy, while maintaining product quality and customer satisfaction in order to enhance competitive advantage. Measurement and management of solar energy in poultry fields to achieve a competitive advantage, in one of the Iraqi poultry fields, which generally suffers from the problem of high costs, and the competition of foreign products, and the most prominent conclusions reached by the study are that the use of solar energy in agricultural activities such as poultry fields by panels solar panels on the roofs of poultry farm halls to generate electric power during the day only to exclude the costs of storage (batteries) and the costs of replacing them, which have Economic and environmental feasibility, and the study has proven that solar energy reduces production costs and achieves competitive advantages through the cost leadership strategy, and through the differentiation strategy that the production stages do not leave environmental damage and promise the product as a green product, and through the strategy of focusing by focusing the economic unit on green customers who support Products that preserve the environment, which increases the acquisition of new customers and increases the demand for the company's products.