The effect of social responsibility of tourism companies in enhancing organizational commitment to human resources - an exploratory study of a sample of travel and tourism companies in Baghdad.


  • Ass.Teachr. Firas Naji Hatim
  • Ass.Teachr. Abbas Mahmod Nayyef



Corporate Social Responsibitity, Organizational Commitment


The research sought to enhance the organizational commitment of human resources in a sample of Travel and tourism companies in Baghdad based on the use of the social responsibility of tourism companies By analyzing the opinions of a sample of workers in travel and tourism companies In Baghdad، with (60) questionnaires distributed among them To achieve this، the research relied in analyzing its variables on the relationship and influence between the social responsibility of tourism companies as an independent variable Organizational commitment to human resources as a dependent variable Or dependent، and the first variable included four sub-dimensions represented by (economic responsibility، legal responsibility، moral responsibility، and human responsibility). While the second variable included sub-dimensions (self-awareness، social skills، emotion management، motivation). These variables interacted to form the framework around which the research revolves From the main and subsidiary hypotheses، and for the purpose of achieving the aforementioned research goal Answering the research questions and testing the validity of its hypotheses. The research relied mainly on (the questionnaire)، which is the main tool for collecting data and information For the purpose of analyzing the responses of the respondents، a set of measures and statistical methods were used The descriptive analytical method was used as a scientific method. The research reached a set of theoretical and applied conclusions، the most important of which proved that the dimensions of the social responsibility of tourism companies combined had a positive impact on the dimensions of organizational commitment to human resources. Among the most prominent recommendations that the researchers consider to be the orientations of tourism companies to the need to develop and increase the awareness of working individuals of the social responsibility of tourism companies، which leads to strengthening the organizational commitment to human resources.


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