Religious tourism in Najaf Philosophy, challenges and opportunities Analytical study comparing the hotel sector model


  • م.د. حسين مظلوم عباس


السياحة الدينية , التحديات , الفرص


If tourism can be described as a journey to a sacred place that necessarily involves marketing hospitality, the city of Najaf is at the forefront of the holy places of Muslims in general and Shiites in particular and is thus one of the most important destinations for religious tourists. Religious tourism in this city has been a hub for almost all aspects of political, economic, cultural and social life. In this study, we analyze the philosophy, challenges and opportunities and through the hotel sector in Najaf in order to reach conclusions, recommendations and remedies provided to its actors in order to develop religious tourism. In addition to dealing with the most prominent challenges facing religious tourism and the opportunities available to them were reached and other conclusions and recommendations that could be pathways to launch tourism development.