Virtual tourism and its impact on the motivation of visitors to visit the shrine of the companion Salman Mohammedi


  • Dr - Zainab Sadiq Mustafa


السياحة الافتراضية ، الدافعية


     The tourism industry has developed and has many branches and the technical development has an  important role in tourism growth new types of untraditional of  touristic activities have reappeared which enable the tourist travel all our the world and he is still in his location, also enable him to book his ticket and designed his program and watched and see the places which he will visit before doing his actual trip. It did not stop at this point but exceeded that , it would introduce  the tourists to the virtual world that can be transmitted from his native to remote places cannot be h to it .    This study aims to determine the role of  modern technology in supporting religious tourism , which is  ordered  the most important types of tourism in Iraq and knew the effect of one of the patterns of modern tourism , which is the virtual tourism to visit the shrine of the follower Salman Al-Muhammad .