Transformational Leadership and its role in achieving competitive superior - Applied research in General Company for vegetable oil industry


  • م.م. نور حسين فخري


Transformational Leadership, competitive superior.


     The research has dealt with the important concepts because of their significant role in influencing the work of the organization, It depends on creating a link between the concepts of Transformational Leadership and competitive superior, the research aims to See how leaders are able to unify the efforts of subordinates toward achieving competitive superior, By adopting a strategy Differentiation, and Cost Leadership in Target markets.

    The research problem is the weakness of provides transformational leadership for managers in general company for vegetable oil industry, making it less competitive in target markets, and the research sample included (30) manager and officials in company, and built research on two main assumptions at the overall level, and at the sub-dimension level, Which illustrate correlation and impact relationships between research Variables, the questionnaire was the main tool in collecting data and information, the research use statistical program (SPSS), to analysis data, the research came to the set of results perhaps most importantly, transformational leadership plays an active and important role in achieving competitive superior, Depending on one strategy Differentiation , and Cost Leadership, The fact that all correlation relationships between search variables Positive relationship And straight And significant significance, Which requires the transformational leader in company Increase his interest Adopting all methods that would achieving competitive superior, Through the consolidation of the efforts of subordinates And to make them invent new ways of looking In how to complete the work.





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